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Monday, November 10, 2014

The Story of Alice

I've been geocaching for about 8 years now and I still get excited about the neat places that it takes me.  I feel like I've learned more about history from geocaching than I have from any history book I've ever read.  You can read a book and gather the information, but do you ***really*** learn and grow from that knowledge?  Perhaps, but for me, the learning and growing comes from experiencing. 

We were at Huntington Beach this past weekend visiting Atalaya Castle (more on that later) when we heard the story of Alice.  The storyteller, Mike the Park Ranger, was greatly skilled at telling stories.  There's a virtual geocache at her grave so hearing the story really made me want to visit it.  The story goes like this (By TripSmarter.Com | March 22, 2013):

Let me take you back to the early 1820's. The location is Pawleys Island...
She was the younger sister of a wealthy rice planter that owned "The Hermitage," located in what is know today as Murrells Inlet. Alice was schooled in Charleston, SC. While attending the New Year's Saint Cecelia Ball, she got engaged. But, a marriage to this man would never be accepted by her brother.
He was not of the same stature and culture as the Flagg family, and her brother wouldn't hear of such a thing. She was forbidden to wear the ring. Instead, it hung on a ribbon around her neck, tucked deep in her blouse, not to be seen by her family.
Alice was stricken by a terrible fever! While in delirium, her brother sighted the ring and snatched it from its hiding place! He threw it in the creek near "The Hermitage"... Alice left this world while crying for that ring.
Her brother buried her in a temporary grave, but, later her remains were moved to the Cemetery at All Saints Church near Pawleys Island. A single stone slab marked her grave with one word as a reminder... "Alice."
Legend has it that her spirit will raise from the dead if you walk around her grave backwards - 13 times...
And here is a picture of her grave taken by yours truly:

And here we are at the grave site....something strange is going on here!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Lego Class #9 - It's Amaze - ing!

Remember those little handheld mazes with the little silver ball that you used to play with as a kid?  That was the topic of our class today.  We used our Lego Bricks to create a maze that we could navigate a Skittle through!  Once we got a basic maze built, I challenged the class to build a maze with a tunnel.  It was a fun - and deliciously sweet - class!  

Lego Class #8 - Step on it!

In today's class, we focused on how sturdy Lego Bricks can really be.  We watched a short film about a man who built an entire house out of Lego!  The video can be seen here:

James May's House Made of Lego

We also learned that a 2 X 2 Lego piece can withstand 950 pounds!  That's amazing!  We decided to put our Lego bricks to the test and see if we could build a Lego box that we could stand on.  In some cases, it took a couple tries, but I believe one student was able to build a structure 8 bricks high that could be stood on.  I imagine if we had more bricks, we could have made it higher!  We did learn that the smaller your feet, the easier it is to build it!  Here are some pictures from class:

A 2×2 Lego brick can hold a staggering 950lbs (432kg), or 375,000 bricks.

Lego Class #7 - We're off to the races!

In today's class, we focused on building a Lego car as well as how we could power our car using the air pressure from a balloon.  You can see an example here:

Lego Balloon Car Demo

The kids had a blast building and testing the balloon car! 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lego Class #6 - Mosaics

LEGO and Art
During this class, we explored creating artwork with Lego bricks in the form of mosaics.  One piece of artwork that we looked at is Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh.  This Lego fan created Starry Night completely from Lego bricks!
We also watched the video showing another artist who makes his living designing with Lego bricks.

Afterwards, we tried creating our initials with Legos using the mosaic technique. 

Lego Class #5

This set of pictures is from the 5th Lego Class (October 23rd).